On Beginnings.

On Beginnings.

For some time now, I have endeavoured to operate a Twitter account, through which I share late-night wisdom, feelings about various idiots, and retweets of pictures of goats I like.  This enterprise has earned me tens of followers, a good one-hundred-fifty of which are, I am convinced, actual persons.

Once upon a time, I bought this domain name with the idea to produce daily content related to foot ball and associated topics.  I would, I thought to myself, set aside a time daily to read, research, and opine on such.  I poured A Whiskey to begin my first post, and I posted.  And then I did that about 7 more times and forgot about it.

But here I am again, vigour renewed, to breathe new life into this void through posts regarding whatever I happen to care about today.  Foot ball may be mentioned.  Real foot ball may be mentioned more.  Food and drink more still.  Places I go and have been.  Places I want to go.  Particularities I have observed.  Bears I have met.

On, then.

About Me:

I am a 146 year old football coach.  I reside in Alabama, in a house, with Mrs. Beaumont.  My interests are American kick ball, foot ball, beverages served at base ball games, going to places I do not live, and restaurants where your uncle says the food is overpriced and underserved.

Why this?

Boredom and ego.

This seems pointless.

You’re pointless.

You seem a bit cranky.

I’ve had some drinks.